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All About Headshops


The Advantage Of The Dab Rigs


This is considered to be the most necessary or important part of equation, as the dab rigs is literally the best way to be able to dab without this one. When we are going to say dab rigs or also known as the oil rig, we are actually referring into the modified kind of the water pipe that already has become the go-to for the dabbing. Instead of the certain connector for the typical glass bowl like you had have on the bubbler or the bong, you have to either have the male or the female glass joint around 14mm or around 18mm usually. This all which is all intended to be able to hold the nail. This will also allow you to heat up the nail and then you may also place the concentrate into it which then causes the vaporization.


The very important  thing that you need to consider when you plan to buy the dab rig are the functionalities, the volume of water, and the portability and also the durability. Whether that you wan to have the tiny little rig that will actually fit right into the palm of the hand or the hulking behemoth that is actually intended to be able to sit on the coffee table as the art piece, it is really coming down to the personal preference. For more facts about cannabis, visit this website at


The smaller the dabbing rigs then the less water will it give a more direct hit with those lots of the flavor, while if it is larger, there will be more ornate dab rigs with the higher water volume that will actually tend to provide the smoother hits with that of the slight loss of the flavor. Be mindful also of the design of the dab rig, since anything that is top-heavy will likely take a certain spill at a certain point or another. So if ever that you are actually dabbing in the higher - traffic environment, then you need to look for something low-profile with those heavy, and also the sturdy base and also the thick walls.


You will be able to find the dab rigs at any of the head shop as well as those of the variety of the online retailers. One of the suggestions is to go to the quality glass shop where they will actually let you to try the piece of the water inside the rig, check it out!